We can all do the Pretty Girl Rock!

We can all do the Pretty Girl Rock!


Posted 2 years ago

prEcious anne

I'm not the prettiest girl out there. . My body will never be what you see in the magazines. I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel or those hot import models. I don’t cake my face. I don’t spend hours on my hair. I don’t dye it every month. I have flaws, many of them. I hope you can accept that and still think that’s beautiful.:)
hi! there!I'm precious anne catud but everyone calls me aNNe, prei or pRecious so you can call me that name, too. I'm 14 years old ilOve god family and my freNdz :)
hi! welcome to my blog! hope u likemy blog morequotes&picture!LOLhahhaha i have nothing else to say btw godbless:)<3:))

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